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Web Sites In Calabria


Pro Loco Vazzano 

Vazzano Culture and Tourism Association

 (English Version) 



Vazzano Web Site



Pizzoni Web Site 


    City of Vibo Valentia Web Site

Province Capital



Town of Soriano Information



   "Giornale Di Calabria"

Find out, first hand, what's going on in Calabria today.

On-Line access to Calabria's Daily News Journal


' Radio 98 '

Serra San Bruno, Calabria

10 miles from Vazzano &Pizzoni

Listen on-line:


Family Businesses

Commercial Renovation


Emery & Associates


Haydn Fusia



CAS Music Productions


Award winning progressive music 

and sound production facility


Chris Orazi            



Gift Baskets 


Especially Baskets


Amy Ortale Gesch


Chicopee Industrial Contractors, Inc. 


Carol Fusia Campbell    


Tampa Bay Urology   


Dr. Tod J.  Fusia



Jill Fusia's Health and Wellness Sites


  Jill Fusia

Graphic Design


Karleigh Fusia  


More Sites


 "Il Circolo Calabrese"

The world's oldest and largest organization devoted to the study and preservation of the language, history, culture and genealogy of the Calabria region of Italy.


"Our Calabrian Heritage"


The Statue of Liberty - 

Ellis Island Foundation


Ellis Island Archives


passenger records, giving passenger name, date of arrival, ship of travel, age on arrival, and more

original manifests, showing passenger names and other information

ship information, often with a picture, giving the history and background of each ship that brought the immigrants



The premier on-line genealogy 

research site

 General Italian genealogy site and Italian surname distribution maps



Sapori Saperi

This site is in Italian but it has some interesting illustrations



Traditional regional Italian country cooking

Micol Negrin's  Italian cooking and travel site.  

It's loaded with good useful information and delicious authentic recipes .

If you love Italian food, you will love this entertaining site and her books!


The Award Winning Documentary Prisoners Among Us examines the challenges and difficulties faced by Italian immigrants trying to assimilate into  American society during the World War II years. 

Joe Orazi - Associate Producer, Chris Orazi - Composer and Audio Producer.    


 Vacation Villa Rentals in Calabria



Original Watercolors by Janet Butler

As seen on our Home Page: "Snowy Rooftops" and Family Trees Page - "Calabria"