The Fusia/Fuscą Family  

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- Biographies - 

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Giacomo Bruno Fuscą

Marianna Nicolina DePalma


Joseph Maria Fusca

Donald Anthony Fusia

Frank John Fusia

Elizabeth Nancy Fusia Ortale


Catherine Fusia Catino

Jack Bruno Fusia

Richard John Fusia

Victor Humberto Fusia


This section is a work in progress and far from complete.  This is a "living breathing" site and your input, updates, corrections,  additions and photos are necessary.  I picked photos that show the first generation in the prime of their lives.  I felt it was only fitting.  But if you have photos you can scan or send to me to scan, I will add them.

Many thanks to Carol Fusia Campbell for sending the biographical sketches from the Boston Reunion and many thanks to all who authored those reminiscences with love and respect. Some of whom are no longer with us but will always be remembered in our hearts.

This site is a memorial to our ancestors.  They will never be forgotten.