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Italy to America


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The Land:  



Noi ci mettiamo il cuore


Regione Calabria


Mia Cara Calabria ( My Beloved Calabria)


Images of Calabria


Best of Calabria


Cariati - Regione Calabria


Video Regione Calabria


Capo Vaticano (Vibo Valentia, Calabria)


Vibo Valentia-Pizzo Landscape


Vibo Valentia Marina 1


Vibo Valentia Marin a 2


Dott. Epifanio Monardo




Music, Dance & Entertainment:



My Cucuzza


  Io Sono Calabrese


Calabrian Comedian - Franco Neri


To the Calabrese Immigrants


Tarantella Calabrese - A Bagnarota


Tarantella Calabrese - Duo


L'ultima Calabresella


Dancing with the Stars Calabria Style


Tarantella Calabrese - with a  zampogna


Tarantella Calabrese - Reggio 1954


Bleeding Espresso


Michelle Fabio has truly followed her dreams.  This is her very cool  web site and blog.


Michelle is an American writer and attorney, originally from eastern Pennsylvania, who moved to Badolato, Catanzaro, her family's ancestral village in Calabria, fell in love, found her roots, adopted two dogs and three kids (baby goats), tends to chickens, rabbits, ducks, and a growing garden and writes to her heart's content.


I know you will enjoy this site!



Direct Links to Special Sections:

How / Why Fuscą became Fusia in America

+ 2007 Family Reunion Photos  - Banquet and the Bocce Tournament

+ Copy of the Passenger Manifest for the boat Marianna, Joe, Don and Frank came over on


+ Copies of the original US Census Records for Bruno, Marianna and family  1900 - 1930 


+ The ORAZI PAPERS - The banquet night entertainment script from the 2001 Reunion    

    also see the section on the ancient Roman story of the Orazi vs Curiatti


+ Biographies of the First Generation 


+ Pittsburghese - Pittsburgh Dialect Translator!



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